JYSK launches hemp mattresses


Hemp is the new up and coming material, and as a first mover JYSK now introduces a whole new series of products based on hemp, which is available in store from April 1.

While most people connect hemp with smoking and illegal substances, JYSK has now found a very different use of the product.

JYSK now launches a series of products based on hemp. Products which include mattresses, with both the filling and the fabric made from hemp, pillows, cushions and garden cushions. - We see a number of advantages by selling these products in a hemp version. Hemp has a lot of qualities and advantages compared to other materials used in the production of home textiles. At the same time our extensive research shows that people with a lot of hemp products in their home is generally more happy and laugh more than average, explains Communications & CSR Director at JYSK, Rune Jungberg Pedersen.

The products in the new series are easy to recognize as they are all marked with the text Hemp by JYSK, and the company expects a huge sale. - As soon as people try the new hemp mattress they will instantly recognize that hemp is the material of the future regarding home textiles and mattress filling. There is really no downside to using hemp in our products. However we do advice customers to keep hemp-based garden cushions away from open fire and the grill, as we have experienced some side affects when the cushions become too warm, explains Rune Jungberg Pedersen.